Renewable energy systems
for your Mareeba home or business

Renewable energy systems for your Mareeba home or business

Make the most of the Queensland sun with Tableland Solar. We’ll turn your house into a smart home by installing solar panels on your rooftop. Our accredited installers customise the system to suit your power usage.


Use nature’s energy to power your Mareeba property. Call Tablelands Solar today for a free quote.

Two Solar Panel Inverter — Solar System in Mareeba, QLD

Solar Energy

Solar systems are an easy to install, cost-effective solution to rising electricity prices. Our expert team install grid-connected panels as well as stand-alone systems onto your roof. Solar systems come in a range of sizes and kilowatt capacities.


Our backup service is second to none. Damage to the solar system can result in loss of power and overall functionality. As qualified electrical contractors, we repair wiring and electrical faults caused from outages or damage from heavy weather events.

Thermal Imaging

Is your solar system working to capacity? Don’t let your solar panels go to waste just sitting on your roof. The experienced Tablelands Solar team use the latest thermal imaging technology to identify defective units.


Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect hot spots on solar panels. Our cameras produce a report on how your solar panels are operating and whether repairs are needed. Abnormal signs of heat could result in damaged or broken cells.


We arrange immediate repairs if any problems are found. For an inspection, or to find out more about thermal imaging, contact us today.

Air Conditioning

We provide sales and installation of split-system and ducted air conditioning units for homes and commercial spaces in Mareeba, Cairns and across Northern Queensland.


Air conditioners are big power zapper. Power your new air conditioning unit with a renewable energy source. We can hook the air conditioner into your existing solar system or provide an upgrade if your energy requirements increase.